To Our Customers

Our mission is to bring buyers and sellers together by using the latest technology and education that’s brokered by a sharp, well trained, and highly motivated agent. Our goal is from start to finish you feel valued and heard. You will always be able to reach a William Charles Realty agent in an expeditious manner.

To Our Community

Our mission is to use our network, finances, and time to leave a positive mark on the world! Each agent at William Charles Realty actively volunteers and invests their personal finances and time into the community or into a non-profit organization.

To Our Employees & Agents

Our mission is for you to be the most educated, motivated, and highest paid agents in Orlando. Our compensation package is the best in Central Florida and we offer a mentoring program that is bar none. Our goal is to foster a culture that makes you proud of where you work.

The 10 Commandments of Real Estate Success


We are huge believers in technology, but we haven’t forgot that this business starts and ends with good relationships. Our goal is to create, foster, and grow our relationships with each other, the community, and most importantly you!


William Charles Realty agents have thousands of hours of combined Real Estate specific continuing education. Almost every agent holds at the minimum a bachelor’s degree and or master’s degree. For those that don’t, we have programs to encourage them to go back to school to earn a higher education.


We’ve created a culture of fun, empathetic, well educated, sharp, community involved; make it happen kind of folks! When you meet this person, you rarely forget them. They make you feel heard, respected, and know how to get the job done. They may not always know the answer or solution but they always find a way to achieve a positive result.

Match Makers

That is what ‘Brokerage’ is…match making! It is not about sleazy salesmanship; it’s about connecting another person with the perfect home for their life and preference. You can always tell when a family or person has met their match in a home, their eyes light up, and it’s a beautiful thing to witness!


The way real estate is done has changed dramatically over the last 10 years and continues to change on a daily basis. We use the newest technology to be as efficient and productive as possible. We have a paperless office. We’ve created a hyper local way to search for your dream home and give you material information on the community you are considering.

Market Knowledge

This is huge! We study, research, and know about each community, building, and city in the Orlando area. We provide first hand data and information about each one on our site so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

Hard Work

It’s our aim to live a balanced life, but it is not uncommon for William Charles Realty agents to put in a 12-18 hour day serving their clients. We believe in working smart and hard! Both are a combination for success.


Homes are not only a place where you live, but they are an investment. We’ve watched countless clients become rich and create wealth from their real estate investments. We work with individual owners here in the US, and have helped many foreign investors expand their portfolios from countries such as Switzerland, Brazil, Taiwan, Japan, etc.

The American Dream

The American dream is alive and well, and a major part of it is home ownership. We believe in the American dream and make it our aim to help others achieve that.

Giving Back

Each William Charles Realty agent has a charity that they fund or volunteer in. It is our culture to give back to our community and help those in need. We use our network, finances, and time to leave a positive mark on the world!