What do we offer?

We handle everything so you can rest knowing your investment is properly cared for

What Areas do we Serve?

We manage and care for properties all over Central Florida. No matter where your property is, we can manage it. Counties we serve: Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Brevard, Polk, Lake, and Volusia.


We cover all the repairs and maintenance on the property. We have a team of licensed and insured tradesman for every possible issue or repair needed. Since we do so much volume in repairs, you benefit from it in the pricing. We have negotiated rates that are below market value; so when your property needs maintenance or repairs, you pay bottom dollar.

Record Breaking Rents?

You can be assured that you will get the market value or above for the rent on your property. We have contributed to entire neighborhoods rental rate increases consistently for years. We pioneered pricing increases for the communities we manage. We have a proven method to get the most possible rent for each property in the community. Our ultimate goal is to see our clients have the highest return possible on their investment, and to see that their property stays in tip top shape.

100% Occupancy

What we’ve done in regards to occupancy is ground breaking. We’ve never had a property that we manage stay vacant for more than a month. We have developed systems to where when one tenant moves out, the next tenant moves in within the next two days. We generally have the property leased, with the first month’s rent and the security deposit paid, when the tenant who is leaving is in month 11 of their lease. The idea behind this is, when your property is empty, you are not making money.

What do we charge?

We have a very simple pricing model. We charge 10% of all rents collected. So if your rent is $1,000, we charge $100, and send you $900 each month. Also, when we place a new tenant, we charge the first month’s rent. The good news is this money never comes out of your pocket. We collect first month’s rent and security deposit at the signing of the lease and send you the deposit. Besides that, there are no other fees. We do not nickel and dime our clients. Our fees are very straightforward. You may be able to find companies that are cheaper, but our value is in our service, occupancy, and maintenance costs. Beware of companies that offer lower prices because they will make it up in fees and other charges. The level of service you will get from us is top notch and you will always be able to reach your property manager… even if it’s after hours.


We handle all the leasing contracts that are drawn up by our attorneys and in compliance with the tenant/landlord laws. In the unlikely event we have to do an eviction, we handle that as well by working with the attorney, communication of paperwork and conversation logs with the tenant, record of rents, receipts, and we go to court for you. We manage properties for people who live all over the world and they love that they don’t have to think about their property, and it’s under great care.


When we list your house for rent, we put it on hundreds of websites that generate numerous calls. We generally field and pre-screen over 50 calls per house while it’s on the market. Before we even show the home, the potential tenant goes through a pre-screening process. We always tell our clients that it is more work for us to place a proper tenant than it is sell a home. Your home will be properly advertised with quality photos on the best websites.

Can we sell your investment property?

Yes! At times our clients want to sell their property and weven while a tenant is in the property. We have an extensive network of investors who buy houses with tenants already placed. They even prefer that. Selling a home with a tenant in it can be a daunting task, but we have developed a process that stream lines the process. Also, we work with investors, foreign and domestic, for the acquisition of new rental properties to add to their portfolio. All of our investors have returns of 10%-25% a year. Our owner Billy Studstill is a mentor and coach for residential real estate investors around the world and would be happy to help you in the process of acquiring residential investments. Even if you are purchasing your first rental property, or you are working with a trust with hundreds of millions of dollars in it, we can help.


We provide extensive accounting of your property and we can provide detailed spreadsheets so you can view how your asset is performing. If you are going to be an investor or in business you must know your numbers. This will allow you to make managerial decisions concerning that investment.

Applications-Background Checks-Credit Checks

Any prospective tenant who occupies your property will have a full criminal and financial background check done. We run their credit to see how they’ve paid in the past. We do verifications of income as well. They are required to do a full application so we know who is going to be occupying your home. This helps you know that the most responsible person will be occupying your investment.

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