10 Reasons to Become a William Charles Agent


William Charles Realty is agent focused. We provide 24-hour support. If our Broker is at dinner with his family and you text or call about a deal, he will take your call or text and provide the necessary guidance you need. We realize that we are only as successful as our agents and we strive to provide top-notch support to them.


Adequate training is essential to becoming a successful real estate agent. For new Realtors we do a class once a week, for one month, to get you through the basics to get you started in your career. Our owner, Billy Studstill is a mentor and coach to real estate agents and investors across the world. We have a William Charles Coaching program where Billy has a 30-minute, to 1 hour meeting with you each month. Billy has an MBA and a vast array of business experience and he teaches you how to treat your real estate sales career as a business. Another subject he teaches is sales through connection. It’s a method to increase your network via connecting with each and every person you meet. Real estate agents pay anywhere from $500-$1,000 a month for their own personal coach. This is a perk offered to you for free through William Charles Realty.

100% Commission

You heard it right! If you make $20,000 on a deal, you keep $20,000. We aim to be agent focused. We’ve learned that the more money agents keep from their deals, the happier they are and they have more money to invest in their business. We only charge a $349 transaction fee for each deal and it is billed to the client. Apart from that, we charge a $50 a month admin fee and that is it. No other fess, no surprises. We offer direct deposit and same-day pay as well. William Charles Realty agents are the best paid in the business! You have the freedom to run your business on your terms.


All calls on your listings are forwarded to you. When someone calls about one of your listings, another agent does not get to work that lead. Their information is forwarded to you immediately. Also, our website is first class and delivers a plethora of leads. Our agents and Brokers are not able to work all the leads that come in, and as they do, we forward those to you.


We believe in harnessing technology to create a fast, efficient, and smooth transaction. We are a 100% paperless office. We use Dotlloop and Freshdesk, and show you how to as well. Our website is cutting edge and we use a hper-local search option for our clients. We’ve spent hundreds of hours of time and thousands of dollars to create the most tech friendly real estate firm in Florida.

Opportunity for growth

After a year of successful work at William Charles Realty and for top performers who go through our review process, we have the option of becoming a managing partner for a William Charles Realty firm in another city. If you’ve dreamed of starting your own real estate firm, your dream is within reach. You have the opportunity to be a part of a tested brand and model. If you want to grow in your real estate career, we provide you the means and the opportunity to do so.


We currently have offices in Downtown Orlando and Winter Park. We are in the process of opening a Jacksonville and Miami branch. We will be expanding nationally in the coming year so be on the look out!

Branding & Education

We brand ourselves with everything we do, from our website, to our cards, to our signs, to our marketing, and our community involvement. We’ve gone above and beyond to create a brand and culture that’s classy, makes you proud to be a part of it, and cutting edge. William Charles Realty agents are amongst some of the most educated agents in the business. We encourage higher education and real estate specific continuing education. If you are not a college graduate we encourage you to go for it. We have a William Charles Education Fund that provides scholarships and gifts for our agents, and those in need, that is given at our discretion.

Giving Back

At William Charles Realty we believe in remembering where you came from and giving back to the community. Each agent in the firm has a cause or non-profit organization that they support or volunteer in. Each and every one of us are passionate about something and we want you to have the opportunity to invest in your passion. We are a firm of diverse people that support people from every walk of life. We can’t wait to see you join the team and hear about what you are truly passionate about!


If you study psychology, some of things that truly make people happy are connection, friends, and family. At William Charles Realty we are a family! We get together for drinks, hang out with each other, have fun, and support each other in business and life. When you join this firm you are gaining a group of friends and colleagues that are genuinely excited about your success!

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